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We can help your exhibition flourish by offering our services to help sell exhibition space.

Whether you have a new section in your exhibition, are launching a new exhibition, are falling short of your bookings target, or have staffing challenges, we can help you fill the gap and drive those well needed sales.

We have extensive experience in sales as well as in the exhibition sector and so can help your business achieve its commercial goals.


Wheelhouse Commercial offers a bespoke service to lead follow-ups, to suit individual client needs.

The whole purpose of attending an exhibition is to obtain new leads and ultimately new customers. It’s great to meet prospective customers at an event, but with the days being so busy are these leads effectively followed-up giving you the best chance to convert them to a customer?


This is where Wheelhouse Commercial can help.


Unlike other companies in the market, we offer a peer-to-peer approach whereby we make individual personalised contact with potential leads.


Our service could be as simple as calling the leads to garner interest and then pass qualified details over to someone in your organisation, or it could be more complex based on individual needs such as sending out relevant collateral, arranging a meeting, obtaining further information and more.


We fully appreciate that you know your own business better than anyone else, and so we would work with you based around your needs and the depth of information you’d like us to relay.


Wheelhouse Commercial would essentially become an extension of your brand and engage with leads in a professional manner akin to your own business, introducing ourselves as being part of your business and not under the Wheelhouse Commercial banner (unless you tell us otherwise). This helps build an immediate rapport with your business and the lead.

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